Two Options for Online Learning for Jewish Students


There are different types of online learning options, and time is their one criterion. One type of online learning enables the student to access courses at any time while the other type has real live people teaching at particular times of the day. Below are the benefits of both types of program.

As part of the academic programs of many Jewish day schools, online learning options are given to students. Cost savings, staffing, and technology integration are the main reasons for doing this. Students can take advantage of any of the available online programs being offered by their school.  Different options cater to different needs of students.  It is thus important that those who provide education for students know the options that are available and how to select the programs appropriate for the students.

The two different online learning options that we mentioned above are the ones to be discussed here.  One option is self-paced and prerecorded lessons which students can access online and proceed through the materials at their own pace.  This first type of online learning program is beneficial because you can proceed at your own pace and at your own convenience, and it is also low in cost.  There are many resources available for this type of online learning program that even specialty subjects are available for learning.  The functionality of being able to access the progress and marks of enrolled students at any time by school teachers and administration is very beneficial for the school. For further details regarding online learning, you may visit

This self-paced type on online learning has its own problems to address also.  The students who experience success in this type of learning environment are mostly the self motivated students.  Less motivated students are not quite successful in this type of learning program.  There is no personalized instruction for these types of programs.  There is no one to provide assistance if a student needs help in a specific area.

Success with this type of learning program have been reported by many Jewish schools.  In their high school curriculum, some of these schools with high school credit online have integrated online learning as part of their in-school instruction in a blended learning technique.  Blended learning is said to perfectly fit the learning environment.  There are online courses that students have to take and they are providing assistance whenever they need it.  Even if this support system is not part of the course, teachers still provide help if requested by students.  Their reasonable prices also makes it easy to add courses.

This type of learning, however, has not worked for all Jewish schools.  The online courses, for these schools, are part of their classroom courses.  These schools still do traditional classroom courses but they offer online options as a supplement tool so that they are provided specific educational programs that are necessary.  They say that live courses do a much better job of blending with the traditional learning environment.  With this set-up, the school with ontario credit online is more confident about student mentoring and tracking.


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